Intellectual Property

We provide end-to-end services in the IP domain, both for Contentious and Non-Contentious issues. We pride ourselves in coming up with out – of – the box solutions and are deeply involved with corporations from a Start-up to a mature level in this regard. We understand that intellectual property rights need to be protected very vigilantly as they are the foremost vehicle driving the growth of a corporation.

We assist clients in Prosecution, Advisory, Enforcement, Non- Contentious Transactional Work, and Contentious Litigation, involving all forms of Intellectual Property including Patents Trademarks, Copyright, Designs, Plant Varieties, Geographical Indications and Domain Names. We advise clients on a variety of Intellectual Property Agreements involving Trademark Licensing and Assignment, Distribution Agreements, and IP related aspects of franchising transactions.

Apart from the well understood values ascribed to Trade-Marks, Copyrights and Patents, we also understand the intrinsic business values attached to innovation, strategy, concepts and trade secrets. Having structured end-to-end transactions where business and legal strategies were valued and given sweat equity, having helped raise private equity on such basis and having seen through a successful exit of the same, we believe that a new and very exciting chapter in the Intellectual Property Rights regime in India has commenced and we remain committed to evolving innovative and path-breaking solutions in the domain.