We have an in-depth Knowledge, Experience and Understanding of the various facets of Competition Law in India. We have undertaken some of the most complex and high stake Anti-trust/ Competition matters in the country.

We pride ourselves in being one of the leading team involved in almost every case where jurisprudence is being settled in the Competition regime in India, including in cases involving Cartels and Leniency petitions, interplay of Competition Laws with Intellectual Property Laws, Bad Faith Litigations, Overlaps and Positioning of other Regulatory Regimes vis-a-vis the Anti-Trust Regulator, issues of FRAND & SEP’s, Anti-Trust issues in Defacto IPR’s and the explosion in scienti c developments balanced with corresponding rights of IPR holders, competitors and consumers.

We were engaged by the Anti –Trust Regulator of India in some of their most complex and high stake cases in the past. Having been recognized for our expertise in the domain we are often called-upon to represent global and domestic corporations for prosecution and defence before various fora and for advisory and structuring in high stake deals.